Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Freak On Friday!

Are you ready party people? Cos I know I need to get my freak on. After the New Moon kiss footage, looped mp3's of said kissing smacks and groaning noises (thank you CherryCella for providing the world a soundtrack to every lemon ever written--a bit of brilliance on your part!) and HQ stills of the NM kiss...I think we're all in agreement that the word of the day is CUMSPLOSION and what better way to celebrate the spirit of your exploding lady bits than by enjoying some humorous lemonade?

My rec for this week is for a story that has the perfect balance of UST, romance, snark, angst and a wee bit of taboo. Just a teeny smidge, if you will, but it's all good because it would be a boring world indeed if things weren't a little on the naughty with that, I present to you...

by LittleSecret84

Bella and Edward have a really interesting dynamic here. He's ten years her senior with that much more life experience, yet she's someone who's extremely mature for her age--the type with an "old soul" who's also bright and perceptive beyond her years. Now, to add to this is Edward's somewhat stunted emotional maturity for a man of 26. What that comparative imbalance in them as individual people creates is a really clever level-playing field for them as a couple. The characterization here and how carefully it's been crafted really does demonstrate that sometimes, age really is just a number.

Now for the good part: the lemons in this thing? Yeah. Insane. The UST between these two--created by the dillemma circumstances place them--her age, his job status as her boss, etc., make the taboo and the effort to resist the taboo element of the story approximately eleventy gajillion times hotter than your average lemon when these two finally do give in to their mutual attraction.
Here's the summary:
Bella is almost 17 and begins an internship at the Clallam County District Court one summer. She's infatuated with her boss, Edward, a 26 year old attorney who drives her to and from work. The tension is there on Day 1, let's see where it will take them. Rated M. Bella/Edward.


MilitzaG said...

omg i just started reading this and im dying its so freaking good!!!

Nora said...

I started this one a while ago not really expecting to like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's good!

spellbound said...

I'm gonna try this one, the taboo part has got to make it hot! Thanks!