Thursday, October 15, 2009

This One's a Two-fer!

Second Post Evar: Part the First

Read this Shiz cos it's funny.

The Screamers by KiyaRaven. Here's the summary:

Living on the streets is hard for Bella Swan, but not as hard as putting up with Edward Cullen when he drags her into his lifestyle of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Will they be able to help each other before they kill eachother? Cursing/sex/dark themes. Rated M. Edward & Bella.

I think this fic is just laugh out loud hilarious. The chemistry between E/B is also fantastically woven into the humor. Just really well done.

Second Post Evar: Part the Second

OK, Imma beg for a second. If anyone is bored and has blogger knowledge, I will send you Skittles if you helpabitchout. Seriously. I'm dying over here.


MissAD said...

Hi ya sweet cheeks :)
I can totally help with some of the blogger knowledge. I know a thing or two... I'm not an expert with coding and shiz, but I know some things.

Screamers has me lulzing alllll the time. I do want to like, totes kill Bree tho. :)

RobotMoose said...

Woo Hoo to a new blog. And an excellent first recc. My wifey has mad funny skillz!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new look ABG! and Screamers.. total win. Giggles, chuckles, SMUT of the most fantastic variety = GOLD bb.. GOLD

Nora said...

I'm so happy to see The Screamers here... I was going to ask if you'd read it yet. It's one of the funniest damn things I've read... aside from your stuff, of course (is my nose brown?). And, my GAWD... the smut is to DIE for.

Ok, done fawning.