Saturday, October 17, 2009

l33t <3 Cos the Nerds Need Love, too (and so does the fic that features them)

So for today's recs, I thought I'd highlight those Rom-Com's that put Nerdward and Geekella front and center. And then get them humping. Cos awkward, nervous, bumbling lovemaking is rich with comedy and, c'mon, it's pretty freaking sweet too.

I also doesn't hurt that Rob has been in some of the most geektastic movie roles of all time. Nothing gets a 5 alarm fire going down below like the sight of a hot, yet completely awkward, tasty little geek giblet. And Rob brings the NERDHAWTNESS like no other actor I've seen.

I've said it many times, but I'll say it again. If I had my choice between this dude:

Hello, my name is Edward Cullen, and I'm so angsty, my name really should be Emo Crybaby. Cos that's what I am. This is the skin of a clit-blocking, self-loathing monster. Who glitters. And dazzles. But won't have sex with you.

And THIS dude:

Hello, I'm Daniel and I'm awkward but in love with you. Let me tell you about the health benefits of the chocolates I urge you to eat because you'll always be pretty to me. I can't quite articulate that sentiment very well because I'm dorky. I do feel that way, though, and that makes me very lovable. And here are some flowers. I only dropped them twelve times trying to hand them to you. Sex will be strange and horrible at first, but like all geeks, I'm patient, detail oriented and have a compulsive drive to succeed. I'll memorize every piece of info regarding lovemaking until your hooha is shouting with ecstacy from the rooftops.

I mean, really, ladies, is there even a real choice to be made here? I would take one look at Emo Crybaby and tell him not to let the door hit his stone ass on his way out. That's because I would be quietly ushering Daniel into the nearest dark corner to do unspeakably filthy things to him.


So, today's recs are all about the nerd lovin...

Geek Love, written by SassenachWench, is a funny, quirky love story about two computer geeks whose playful friendship turns into something more. This Edward is just ten kinds of sweet and patient in allowing Bella to set the pace in their relationship. He's just win. And seriously, if you don't like Sweetward fic, just click that little 'x' up the corner cos this blog is no place for the likes of you. Anyhoo, here's the summary for Geek Love:

Bella Swan is the quirkiest, most zombie-loving, geek-tastic girl Edward Cullen has ever met. They're best friends at the office, but he wants more. Will Bella let him in to her dark past, and maybe even her heart? Rated M. Bella/Edward.

Next, my lovelies, is a fic very near and dear to my heart. Because Edward is complete geek. WITH A TATTOO. AND BLACK FRAMED GLASSES. Excuse me Geekward, I'm in need of a little mouth to HeyNow resuscitation. Can ya help a sister out, bb? Yeah? kk. Meet me in back of Fry's in 20 minutes. Of course we can shop for motherboards after. What do you take me for, some kind of floozy?

I'm sorry, my fantasies put me in stream of consciousness mode there for a second. What was I talking about? Oh yeah...

Reunion, by KeepersoftheNaughtySparkle, is collaboration between three very lovely and talented ficsters who have managed to create a Geekward so hot and romantic that I just wanna meet him in back of Fry's in 20 minutes. But aside from that, the story is also really funny, romantic and sweet. Bella and Edward are high school friends who secretly crushed on each other like crazy but never had the nerve to do anything about it. They meet up again years later at their high school reunion and their old chemistry is revived again, but this time, they waste no time in acting on it. It's a fun read with lovable characters. Here's the summary:

Edward, once a geek, and Bella secretly crushed on each other since high school. Can their 10 year reunion bring them together? Is one night enough to squelch a decade old passion or will it fan the flames into an unquenchable fire. Lemony. Rated M. Edward/Bella.

So there you have it. Nerd Love. It's l33t, FTW, and it pwns me hardcore.

p.s. hey bitches, come and got your cock-slappin. See the post below this one. ;o)


Sassenach said...

Thanks for the rec!! I appreciate it.

I've already seen some new reviews because of it!

Anonymous said...

I too am a fan of the Geekward.
I too have sang his praises in the form of a blog post.
I too think of naughty but very practical lovemaking with Daniel Gale.

Nora said...

Ok, THAT'S where I've been going wrong in my life.

I'm always attracted to the "Edward Cullens"... the hot guys who don't even notice I'm alive. I need to start shifting my focus to the cute geeks who don't get that they're hot. Because, like you said, maybe they'll let me touch them.

Thanks for the 'gonna get me some' strategy! ;)

ssherrill115 said...

OMG - you found one I haven't read! Geek Love - Finally something to read while I wait on the now 49 stories to update. Waiting for updates is a BITCH - can I say that on your blog? I love this blog, you are an awesome writer and I really enjoy most anything you write. Even tweets - LOL!

Mad4Hugh said...

Oh, another sweet, Geekward story I highly recommend is "It isn't Stalking if You Don't Get Caught" by JustForkIt

This Geekward is a total fanboy of celeb Bella Swan who is a female equivalent of our boy, Rob Pattinson. He and his cohorts to go a fan convention a la's too funny!